Sunday, September 12, 2010

Twilight Real Love On and Off Set: Twilight Real Love On and Off the Set

Twilight Real Love On and Off Set: Twilight Real Love On and Off the Set: "Just an update on one of the latest videos of Jacob and Bella Kiss. On Eclipse the view of such a wonderful first kiss is really not given ..."

Twilight Real Love On and Off the Set

The pictures I have shown are just a few by,  but for best observation of on set chemistry, rent the movie Twilight or buy the DVD.  One might ask is it possible to find love in such an environment?  I must answer yes but is difficult for young actors due to the fact that many are just starting out, young women especially, who have to stay in great shape to compete for the best up coming movie- any thing is possible know matter the age.  One cannot limit themselves due to age if so there would be know young actors in the business due to their parents preparing them children for an acting career.  For example, Will and Jada Smith are the perfect couple who have 2 children following in their footsteps.

Will and Jada Smith (Actors)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Twilight Real Love On and Off the Set

Just an update on one of the latest videos of Jacob and Bella Kiss.  On Eclipse the view of such a wonderful first kiss is really not given the moment justice, therefore I opted to post my version of a video showing the impact and emotional chemistry.  You tell me is it real or not?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twilight Real Love On and Off the Set


 Pictures to observe

In the previous pictures one can see the love that radiates from each person- some stronger than others.  The first thing I noticed was the chemistry between the Twilight actors ( Robert and Kristen) is that its more like an interest rather than definite (this is the one) - maybe because of other involvements but the older couple is involved with others as well.  The picture of  the much older couple in Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a certain development of a relationship too- due to maturity- because both parties are definitely certain of the other.  Truth is the #1 factor in any relationship (family, friends, lovers) without understanding one is always willing to seek other interest faster than normal.  My comment is that the pictures show possible relationship but for the younger couple there has to be a strong connection because most don't want to settle down at such an early age especially in the movie business.  Commitment is not something that should be frown upon but one should always date or fellowship with others to determine such a factor.  I say if you find the one that makes you weak in the knees, stumble, smile without trying, or even feel a little faint check to make sure the other party is having similar reactions that way the connection is mutual and the possibility of longevity is likely to have a 80% instead of 20% or less. Again I say pay attention to the result when the chemistry is strong a person or persons reacts uncontrollably-don't look for habit reactions such as he or she repeating your movements after the first day but more of something that is uncontrollable when together.  This does take some time to notice so take your time.

New Pictures to Observe

Acting or not?  You Decide......

(Brad and Angelia)
(Robert and Kristen)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Twilight (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson)

Describe ways to depict and notice the obvious and simple things that allow for proper analysis of familiar relationships among actors and actresses(Twilight) in a working environment. Real love is irresistible which avail tell tell signs.

Pictures are worth a thousands words.

The first movie "Twilight" is an epic story that reflects and unusaul synopsis to "Romeo and Juliet." The supernatural ability of the characters are positively dreamy. Although, the actors and actresses expertice provide a visual affect of the book Twilight on screen, the possibility for real romance is considered and most likely to begin doing the filming process.

Desire or Not?

Twilight Real Love

I must say Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg are phenomenal and have contributed to Summit Studio in a major way. Their contribution made it possible for young and old alike to live vicariously and visualize through the dymanic reading of "Twilight Saga" to epic intensity and passion on the movie screen. Of course, Summit Studio's contribution in the creation of Twilight saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn 1 and 2-out by 2011-12) made the company more monetary funds than any other movie contribution thus far. Summit studios subtlety decision to allow Stephenie Meyer and the directors (Catherine Hardwicke,Chris Weitz, David Slade, and Bill Condon) free reign emphatically catapulted a fantastic screen write (Melissa Rosenberg). Such dymanic power and energy depicted on screen only lead to new subscribers of Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Saga, as well influence people to contribute to the movie franchise just to have a small piece of visual passion flowing from the books onto the big screen. This phenomenon has captured the attention of other countries as well given actors and directors geographical expansion to promote such a phenomenon, Twilight Saga.

Exuberance of this magnitude not only affected the physicality of movie lovers and reading but the actors too. Twilight Saga cast has done an amazing performance thus far - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse. As for Twilight the pressure was on to portray the emotional aspects of the characters of the book therefore allow variability of the major characters (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pittonson, and Taylor Launter). The enigmatic circumstance caused a frenzy with viewers and intertainment news. The passion on screen caused an instant divide thereby forming team Edward (Robert) and team Jacob (Taylor) but the riddle can be incredulous.

According to Twilight Kristen and Robert chemistry was far from reverie given viewers more fuel to choice team Edward and fantasize about the possibility of real love on and off screen. Even though such a connection has not been proven verbally by the actors the assumption still remains. With this in mind, there is an opposing force, Jacob (Taylor) who will enter the conflict definitely once New Moon is analyzed. But for now, he is just a spark in Bella's eyes.

First an assessment must be done to closely evaluate whether or not million of people who have seen the Twilight movie believe that Bella and Edward are hot on and off screen. How can one deliberate probable cause? Simple, pictures and movies capture the physical and emotion side of individuals given clues to the intensity of each scene played by actors such as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner. Most people can determine if someone is interest in them, a smile, certain touch, compliments,etc., even from a distance but to be able to identify strong chemical attraction that could evolve into more, one must be willing to look a little further. I posted some pictures of Bella and Edward on the site just for the team Edward and team Jacob fans to see the on screen off screen possibility of a love relationship. Please look carefully at the pictures before given your opinion, with insight to consider, I'm sure.

Next week I will slowly reveal a key that will prove the chemistry between the alleged Edward and Bella are true on screen during the time of filming before I place new picture of Kristen and Robert in the public eye. Remember the tabloids must be considered in such situations. Make sure to carefully draw a conclusion before posting why team Edward, on film, shared an electrifying moment of passion with Bella.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Twilight Real Love: Chemistry on and off the set of Twilight Saga

Twilight Real Love: Chemistry on and off the set of Twilight Saga: "Movies are a tedious process therefore, many actors have to work extreme long hours with other coworkers whom may get intensely familiar wit..."

Chemistry on and off the set of Twilight Saga

Movies are a tedious process therefore, many actors have to work extreme long hours with other coworkers whom may get intensely familiar with each other on and off screen, which makes privacy of their new found relationship public and complicated.    For example, the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt),  Relationship went public but the chemistry was far beyond lust or imince affection on and of screen that the couple got married and the rest is history. The "Twilight" movie actors have some similarity but the questions one might ask is, which pair, is chemistry based on real love, and if so did this happen to more than one couple on and of the set?  I will start with the newest tibloid couple (Kristen and Robert) of Twiight.  Now remember pictures can tell a story as well as behind the scene acting and the final movie.  Please compare and remember to pay close attention to each picture. Remember ones age has nothing to do with depicting real love so go for it. Both pictures are showing scenes close to the end of the movie so they have been working together for a while.  Is it just as real for Robert and Kristen as it is for Brad and Angelina?
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)
Twilight (RobertPattinson and Kristen Stewart)