Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chemistry on and off the set of Twilight Saga

Movies are a tedious process therefore, many actors have to work extreme long hours with other coworkers whom may get intensely familiar with each other on and off screen, which makes privacy of their new found relationship public and complicated.    For example, the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt),  Relationship went public but the chemistry was far beyond lust or imince affection on and of screen that the couple got married and the rest is history. The "Twilight" movie actors have some similarity but the questions one might ask is, which pair, is chemistry based on real love, and if so did this happen to more than one couple on and of the set?  I will start with the newest tibloid couple (Kristen and Robert) of Twiight.  Now remember pictures can tell a story as well as behind the scene acting and the final movie.  Please compare and remember to pay close attention to each picture. Remember ones age has nothing to do with depicting real love so go for it. Both pictures are showing scenes close to the end of the movie so they have been working together for a while.  Is it just as real for Robert and Kristen as it is for Brad and Angelina?
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)
Twilight (RobertPattinson and Kristen Stewart)

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